Unlike some conventional social settings, where you are restricted to a pool consisting of the people who happen to be inside that location when you use a dating sites reviews service in order to choose the most appropriate platform to seek a partner you can interact with an incredible variety of people. If you have a passion for Marvel Comics, then you have every chance of finding your ideal match by checking out the profiles of other site users and keeping an eye out for someone sharing this interest. And if you do happen to connect with a fellow devotee, here’s our list of the top five comics for you to enjoy on your first date.


This comic is worth particular mentioning because it was originally conceived as a limited edition, introducing a cross-section of Marvel characters, some long-established, others fresh from the writer’s pen. A major plotline was the introduction of a threat with the potential to destroy the universe, without this being known to any of the traditional Marvel protagonists, such as X-Men or the Avengers. This was the point that the writing team introduced the characters who have become such firm fan favorites – the Guardians of the Galaxy.

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

One of the most exciting aspects of the Marvel universe is that longstanding fans have long grown to expect the unexpected. This is what makes X-Men: Age of Apocalypse such a remarkable read – and ideal for first date entertainment. Before the release of this comic, rumors had been gaining momentum that the X-Men series was on the verge of being canceled. That this threat was carried out caused considerable consternation. Thankfully this was more of a hiatus, and the X-Men returned, with Professor X’s son Legion heading back in time to get rid of his father’s nemesis, Magento. What if this potentially cataclysmic re-ordering of events goes awry? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Fantastic Four: The Coming of Galactus

This outstanding comic story appeared over three consecutive editions of Fantastic Four (48-50), written and drawn by Jack Kirkby and Stan Lee. In 2018, Atlantic magazine described this triplet of captivating adventures as representing the pinnacle of the ‘so-called Silver Age of comic books. Amongst the many notable facets of this Marvel yarn was the introduction of Galactus, a new type of supervillain – rather than simply possessing superhuman abilities, he is a cosmic deity who can consume planets to sustain his life force.

Civil War

Another enthralling read for your first date, Civil War invites you to pick a side in this conflict. The story commences by drawing you in immediately, setting the pace for the page-flipping interaction that will follow with an explosion in Connecticut. Many of the hundreds of victims are schoolchildren. As the storyline unfolds, new regulations require anyone with superpowers to register these and then comply with a program to train alongside heroes approved by the government. This quickly unravels into open war between the pro-registration camp, led by Iron Man, and the anti-registration side, with Captain America at the helm. This story was adapted for the hugely successful movie Captain America: Civil War.


Your final choice should be none other than Marvel’s favorite, Spider-Man, in particular this feature from issues 121 and 122 of The Amazing Spider-Man. Here, his nemesis The Green Goblin is responsible for abducting Spidey’s then-girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and throwing her from a bridge. Unfortunately, in trying to break her fall, our hero’s web catches her ankle and causes her neck to break. Heartbreaking? Obviously. But what a gripping plot for your first date with Marvel comics.

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