I know maybe if you’re a first timer visiting GetComics it’s a little confusing. Here are some tips for you to find your favorite comic with ease on GetComics.

Option #1 : Using tag name on the comic title info.

On each Title Picture, if you hover over it using your mouse (or touch it if you’re using touch enabled device) you can see the tag category list. Each title is separated using different tag classification, so if you need to find a series of each title just click on the tag name option.

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Option #2 : By using the search bar, on the upper right side of GetComics.

On the search bar, you can type any title you want and the result with matched criteria will be shown.

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Option #3 : By using the sidebar Special Post widget.

On the sidebar widget, there is a Special Post widget. The widget contains any Popular and Recent comic uploaded on GetComics. You may only see the first 5 posted, but please notice the NEXT button on the lower side of the widget. If you press that button it will show 5 more result and so on.

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Option #4 : By using the TAG Cloud Widget

Same as option #1, the TAG Cloud Widget has a similar function. It will sort the comic posts based on tag category you choose.

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Option #5 : By using the ALL Comic List Page

I realize that sometimes just a plain basic list will work much better than a thumbnail-ed search result. If you want / need to see the Comic list available on GetComics on plain simple text, please go to the ALL COMIC LIST page. The menu itself is located on the Footer Menu, on the lower side of the website. On the page it self, you will find a tabbed list, for each DC and Marvel Comic.

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Option #6 : Just ask me.. To do that, please use the Contact Page

If you still haven’t found the title / series that you want, please contact me, by filling in the Contact Form in the Contact Page.

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I hope this “How-To” page will make it easier for you to browse the GetComics website. If you have any suggestions, please… feel free to contact me. I hope you have a good time in here. Enjoy GetComics 🙂