The Starts

GetComics started as an alternative place to get downloaded comic files, particularly US based comics published by DC and Marvel. The comics that shared in GetComics are totally free. No hidden premium file hosting plan you need to buy, or any other hidden cost to get the comics you want.

Yep, you heard it right.

So, why bother doing this stuff? Aren’t there many other websites providing the same things?

It came from my personal experience, when I try to get some stuff to read. But on every websites that I visit, they made me pay for the files that they said it is free. Sure, there are the awesome “torrents” and it really help me A LOT. But even torrent, sometimes can not be the most dependable thing on earth. So, I start to collect all of the comics I can get and make some kind of “online repositories”. I do this both for myself and the others (comic lovers/junkies?) 🙂 But, I also know that the sites is far from perfect. There are a lot of things that need to be add and improved. Because to be honest.. I am not, by any means, a webmaster guru. And also English is not my main language so please forgive me for any grammar or spelling issues.

The Community

There are no me, or you in GetComics. It just only “WE” or “US”.

No one can lives by himself/herself. Neither do I. It took a lot of effort and help to build this simple website. There are a lot of time, money, passion and a lot of things involved in building GetComics. But I am not complaining and YOU can also help me improve the websites. Any input, feedback, suggestion, comment and request help me to learn a lot faster than me doing all by myself.

Please don’t be hesitant, you can reach me by using the form on comment section or on the contact form. And i will try my best to get back to you as fast as I can.

The Credit

The comics that are listed on GetComics are not originally ripped or uploaded by me. The comics are compiled by various sources from the internet, but the biggest and the best source are of course from the “Empire“. They are just a really great and awesome people, and I love them very much. All of the best credit should be given to them.

Also, last but not least. If you really like the comic, please support the Artist by buying the original comics.