UPDATE: Dec. 1st, 2020 – Chrome Download Issue


For a while I notice that there’s quite a number of people reporting about issue when downloading files using chrome browser. And I also confirming that the issue is true. It seems the issue is, mainly occur when downloading zip files on our older link / server. To be honest I also don’t quite sure the cause of this problem. But I am able to find a couple solution that might works for you.

  • Change Browser

The issue is happening when using Chrome as browser. But it didn’t occur when using another browser such as Firefox, Opera or even Edge (which also based on chromium project). Or if you still want to use chrome as your main browser, follow the following guide.

  • Doing some changes on your chrome browser setting

  1. Go to your chrome setting
  2. Choose “Site Setting”
  3. Scroll down to content section and choose “Additional content settings”
  4. Choose “Insecure Content”
  5. Add this list to the allow section
    • getcomics.org
    • comicfiles.ru
  6. Done! You could restart your browser and check if the changes is working

Hopefully I could find a better solution in the future, but for now here’s that I could do to help.


UPDATE: May 29th, 2020 – Adding guide on how to download using Google Drive/Klop


  1. Click “Login to Download” button
  2. Click “Get Code” to get the access into the file
  3. Login into your Google account (if you’re uncomfortable, you can create a burner Google Account just to login into KLOP)
  4. Copy the code that has been generated into the KLOP page
  5. Click “Generate Download Link”
  6. Download the file
  7. Above steps is only being done once, after you’re login into KLOP it is automatically goes into step #5


UPDATE : August 16th, 2018 – Added video guide on how to download batch files using JDOWNLOADER2


Update December 19th, 2015 :  Added video tutorial on how to download and read the comics :

How to Download Comics (Video Guide)

Download GetComics Files :

Download GetComics Files from UsersCloud Service:

How To Download Comics

Here is some guide on how to download free comic files from GetComics.

Step #1 : Click on the download link of the comics that you want

GetComics.INFO - How to Download Step 1


Step #2 : Wait for the link to be loaded and click visit link button. So, no more need to fill in any captcha 🙂

GetComics How To Download _ Safelink 2

Download Step Revise

Step #4 : Wait about 5 seconds and click on the “Skip This Ad” button

GetComics.INFO - How to Download Step 3


Step #5 : And then your download will be started. Meanwhile you are waiting just making a cup of coffee (or tea) 🙂

GetComics.INFO - How to Download Step 4


Notes :

  1. If you can, you can support us by white listing the GetComics.info & SafelinkReview.Com website on your ad blocker plugin
  2. Click at least 1 ads, before clicking the “Visit Link” button. It will help us gain a bit more income to fund our website.
  3. After clicking the “Visit Link” button, another window / tab will be opened. Click the link that is generated by the page (such below picture). When you click it and it opens another popup, just close the pop up and re-click the link (it may take several click to open the real link).

How To Extract Split Zip Files

To extract split zip files, you need to download whole files. Download only 1 file, then try to delete the number extension and then try to unzip the files won’t work.

  1. You need to use file compression manager, I highly recommend 7-zip as it is the most versatile and easy to use. After you install 7-zip, right click on the first files from the whole batch.
  2. From the right click menu, choose 7-Zip > Extract Here / Extract to …

GetComics UnZip Slit Files