You heard it right!

As you all might be aware, all this years GetComics has been running because of the help from donation. I am humbly grateful for all the help that we received.

NOW you can help the site without spending any money at all. This is because we get help from our cool new sponsor :

Vikings: War of Clans


Vikings: War of Clans is a really fun MMO strategy game. The main goal of the game is to capture the place of power – a unique location placed at the center of every kingdom.

Players create and develop their own clans, train troops, and upgrade their heroes and their towns. Each in-game upgrade requires special resources – lumber, iron, food, stone, silver or the in-game currency “gold”. Resources can be obtained via upgrading resource buildings in the town, undertaking marches to resource locations on the global map and attacking towns of other players.

Currently the game is available on all major platform : iOS, Android, Browsers and Desktop (MacOS, Windows 7 and above). All platform is synchronized to your account, so that you don’t have to worry if you want to play it on different platform.

How To?

It is very simple and really easy to help us without even spending any money at all :

  1. Sign up using any email address and create a username and password using this link :


  2. Play the game and have fun 🙂

It is simple as that. There’s no catch at all.

And YES! The game is totally safe and you can download the official app on AppStore, Google Play, Amazon AppStore, or via their website (just make sure to register your account using our affiliate link up above).


As you might have guess (I want to say this upfront, loud and clear) this is an affiliate promo program. So, I get a small commission on each registered user that registers using the above link.

Currently, this program only applies if the registered users are coming from US, Canada, UK and Australia.

I am trying really hard to keep the site up and running on daily basis. Basically I spent all my free time (outside work and family) to maintaining the site, regularly uploading comics, fixing broken links and replying to comments & emails.

By registering and playing this game, you would really help to keep the site moving on. Maybe at some point we could even upgrade those old servers that we’ve been using for years or even add new servers; all while having a good time playing a great game.

Hope you enjoy the comics. Good luck on your games and have a great day.


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