Update January 8th, 2017

I am starting to add Userscloud link besides our regular link. Added this steps as a backup if there are issues with our server, and also as another option for you guys to get the files.
I am working extra hard to help you get all the files as easy as you can, although this steps require me to add another layer of jobs needs to be done before posting comics in here. but I am okay as long as it could give more benefit to all of you.

Another note about downloading from Userscloud : Please ignore the pop up ads and try to keep back to the download page as below image. For non registered user, it is possible that you might have to deal with tons of pop ups before the download button really works. If I may give some suggestion, please register for an account. You don’t have to purchase the premium account, but being a registered member will help the download progress as they will have better speed than non registered user. If you want to be a registered member, you use this affiliate link of mine : Register

Userscloud Download Page

Hi Guys, happy new year to all of you 🙂

Sadly, in this new year I have to share some bad news with you guys. As we all know, last December I made some server changes. That happen because a few things, like Network Capacity, Speed and the most important thing is price. Our previous server provider, decide that they will increase the server rent started Jan 2017. After doing some calculation, I decide to search some alternative because the price of our old provider would be too high for us.

So, I found one other provider that I think will suit our need just perfect. So we move our data, and all went well. Until, I receive this e-mail yesterday. The e-mail basically stating that we’re abusing the network because we’re using too much bandwidth. Fyi, I am renting the servers because in their pricing page, they are saying that they will able to cover our bandwidth need just fine. So, I am replying back to the support ticket stating that we’re using the bandwidth as advertised by them. In their defend, it is a shared network so if we’re using too much bandwidth they will warn us. And if the usage still high, they will throttle our speed to only 100 Mbps network speed.

So, just a few hours ago I am receiving another mail. Stating that they need to throttle our network speed. After some checking, apparently they do. Fortunately I just move the data from 2 of our servers, so the impact is still manageable. But as the result, some of our Main Download link server is pretty slow. I am still searching for alternative now, so I am sorry if the speed isn’t like you expect them to be.

For temporary solution, our Mirror Download link is still on normal status. So, if you have slow download link, it is advisable for you to use the Mirror link.

If I manage to get new provider with decent price range, I will start the data migration again, so the download might be unstable at some point but I will try as smooth as I can. It is pretty hard to get server provider that are cheap and have great network and also have a flexible DMCA policy. Our funding from the donation and ads earning is very tight, so to be honest I am pretty low on option here 🙁

If you have some suggestion, I’d really like to hear it.

Have a nice day

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