For the last few weeks there’s already some changes that I implemented on the site. Originally I intended to make this post a couple of weeks ago, but I was really busy in the office after I got into hospital earlier this year. I need your feedback on some of the issue though, so if you can participate I really appreciate it.

WebP Image Format

As you can see, the size of the comics is increasing pretty significantly. Most of it due to higher resolution of the image and such. There’s an alternative though, by converting the image from our regular JPG to a WebP format. But there’s a pros and cons regarding this 2 things.

On one hand, a compressed WebP format allowing us to get a significantly smaller file size, thus allowing me to upload it faster, safe more space on our server and allowing the user to download it faster. But, there’s some concern regarding the image quality and color accuracy. For me, personally, for an untrained eyes both looks the same.


So, how do you think about it, should we use the WebP format more often?


Survey Maker

Note : If you don’t know what WebP is you can read it here.

Torrent (Magnet) Link

Since last week I also already add torrent/magnet link to the site. The reason is so that our friends that already download the files could help the site by seeding it. It could help our other friend that haven’t download it yet, and also the site by reducing the bandwidth usage.

There’s a catch though, I can’t seed all the link forever, so I have create a couple of rules for the torrent/magnet link :

  1. I will seed the files for a maximum time of 4 weeks, after 4 weeks and no one is downloading it I will remove the files from my seedbox.
  2. I won’t reupload old post into our seedbox, so there will be no request for it.


So, how do you think about it, should we continue to use the Torrent/Magnet link on the site?


Poll Maker

Additional Servers

Another things that I should add is, that since earlier this year, I already add an additional mirror to specific to handle our weekly uploads. It would help to separate the traffic and hopefully will give a better speed. (Although on Wednesday it won’t be as effective as any other day)

Donation Link

If you are a subscriber on our weekly newsletter, you probably already read the updates that about last week PayPal already limit our account for unclear reason. Thankfully almost all the fund on that account already use to pay for our servers this month.

The chance are hard to get that account back, so I decide to get another account. The link on our support page also already updated with the new address.

That’s all the updates that I can give to you, guys.
There will be a lot of extra work need to be placed on the new improvement, hopefully it will be worth it.

Please don’t stop to give us your help and support as we really need it.
Have a nice day

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