Updates : It seems, after 1 day of poll, we have the result. The position is 85% who agree, 15 who against the ads.

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How are you guys doing? Good I hope. Today, I’d like to give some updates that, maybe, some of you have been asking this. (But first, sorry for my bad English)

Request Page

Why is the request page has been closed for the last 2 months? The simple answer is because, currently, I don’t have anymore spare time to manage the request thread. The request page, takes a great effort (and time) to run, because we need to spend a dedicated time to find all the comics that are being requested, and sometimes, some titles is just pretty hard to get. And now in my current condition, with my new workplace and my newborn daughter, I am afraid time to manage the request thread is becoming less and less, so I decide to close if temporarily until I could spare a time to manage

Yes, it is a bummer, and I am truly sorry for it. But with (currently) hectic time schedule, I think my family deserves to get bigger portion of time of my life.

Ads Blocker Program

For the last couple of weeks, I am receiving a lot of comment saying about how they can’t download the files, because the script/page isn’t working. Most of the time, this issues caused by incompability with adblocker plugin/software. To fix this things, you need to whitelist below address into your adblocker plugin/software :

  • getcomics.org
  • getcomics.gq
  • sh.st
  • safelinkconverter.com

Also please consider, helping us with clicking any ads that you could see in the page. It would help us, to maintain our site. Every bits is counted.

Donation Request

As you may know, our site rely most of our operation fund from donation. And seeing this month progress of donation, I am not sure if we’re able to reach this monthly target

You could share us your donation using this link : DONATE

So, if you can, please help and support us with your donation, as we really need it. Keeping this site, with my current time it already pretty hard, but it would be even harder if we can’t pay the servers bill.. Donation is taking more than half of what we need to keep GetComics running, while the rest is provided with ads, and that’s what I want to talk in below paragraph.

Advertising on GetComics

Maybe some of you, our long regular visitor, already know why we start to put advertising banner on GetComics website. About last year, we got strucked by a big issue. GetComics used to run, primarily by our community donation, via Paypal. And without any warning, Paypal suddenly froze my account and all of the fund in it. Being utterly frustrated, I am asking for the help to the community and within a few days, the amount needed to cover all the expense for that month is reached. It was a really horrible experience and since that we agree that GetComics shouldn’t run on a single source of income. And since that time, we start to show advertising.

As GetComics grow, the cost to maintain the site also has been increased. Serving almost 0.5 Petabyte (that’s about 500 TB of data transfer) of data each month, it won’t come with cheap. And now, when our resource limit has been reached we need to do some infrastructure upgrade. And again, the problem is cost/fund.

I am trying to find a way to increase our earning, but we all know that banner advertising won’t give much of earning. Especially, since a website like ours won’t be approved by Google Adsense program, we have to work with alternative third party ads network, which most of the time won’t perform as good as the big player like Google Adsense.

So, I am looking for another alternative which could help us, and I find that pop up ads/page under advertising could give much better earning to help us solving our financial issues. But, what I am worry the most is that, most people hate pop up/page under advertising. And at this point, I am afraid of making any decision. So, I am giving it back to the GetComics community to answer that question.

And for your info, the pop ups won’t show like crazy every time you click something, but only show 1 or 2 times per day and only be shown on desktop interface (not on mobile / phone / tablet). So what’s your choice?

Would you agree if GetComics show pop up/page under advertising (but..within our term) ?

Please Specify:

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Waiting for your feedback and comment.

Have a nice day

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