Hey ALL.

2018 is about to coming in a month or so. This year has been great to me, and I hope so to you.

In this November, I want to give you an update about our new roll out, which is our new Weekly Newsletter. To be honest, this weekly newsletter has been requested multiple times since GetComics is online. But, since at that time we have a very little user base, and I have a very little time and knowledge to make it up and running, I decided to keep it postponed. But over the years, the number of request is keep growing so that it is hard to keep it postponed.

As the result, I decide to bring the Weekly Newsletter online starting on the first week of December 2017. The content of the Weekly Newsletter will be :

  • Weekly summary link of all the post that we already published on that 1 week time span.
  • Affiliate sales & donation link (will be stated / marked clearly so that there will be no confusion)
  • Urgent news or updates regarding GetComics (if there are any)

The Weekly Newsletter would be sent around once a week on Saturday or Sunday (Saturday is preferable, so that you can enjoy your weekend on reading cool stuff — but sometimes work and family must come first.).

But when there’s some special event or huge promo from our partner or stuff like that, there are a possibility that we’ll send another Newsletter on that week. And if you feel that you don’t like it, you could always unsubscribe anytime. Also, please rest assure, that I am honoring your privacy, so your email list is safe with me, and I won’t share it to anyone else for any reason.

The newsletter itself won’t be something fancy (though over the time, I hope it will) 🙂
But my hope is that, it could help you keeping up with stuff and post in the site if you happen too busy at work or school.

It will be another to do list to be maintained on GetComics but I really hope it would be worth it, both for you and me 😀

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