Hi All. How are you doing? Great I hope.

So, as you might know, for the last couple of years I’ve been busting my a*s almost every day to keep the site updated and running. I am spending all the time that remains on my daily basis to manage this beloved site of ours (basically the time that are left after the office time, family time and other social life). I am exhausted.. but I am happy cause this site allow me (and/or us) to help each other.

As you might also know, that there is 2 way I am able to keep this site running. The first one is by receiving a donation from all of you, our beloved visitor and the second one is by showing advertising or ads on our site.

The reason why I did those 2 things is because, as much as I am grateful for all the donation that we’ve reached all this time, I am afraid $300 is barely enough to cover all of our routine needs (mainly because we run our own servers, and there are quite a lot of them). So, to keep everything up and running, since last year we decide to show advertising on our site, to help us adding the extra fund that we really need on each and every single month we run.


Yes, there is a but. And unfortunately, this isn’t a good but 🙁

Since the beginning of 2017, our ads earning is declining pretty hard. Since January 2017 our ads earning has been decreased, up until the point of I started to feel really worried about it. And if I am not doing something about it right now, I am afraid that we will have a hard time to keep this site running in near future.

The Problem

For several days, I’ve been doing some research on how can we improve our earning. And one of the biggest issues is, despite we’re having a good amount of traffic, only small portion of it that are counted to our earning. And from my analysis, it might be caused by something called Ad-Blocker.

I totally understand that nobody loves advertising on the internet. It is obtrusive, it is annoying and it is basically the last thing you want to see on the internet.

But sometimes (mainly for a small website like ours) advertising is a way that we could help us to survive and continue our service, to help you getting the content that you really want. Believe it or not, without making a decision to show ads on our site last year, I really doubt we’re still around today.

Okay, so how can we help?

It is pretty simple, actually. If you really like us, or even loves us, please put us on the whitelist of your Ad-Blocker setting in your browser.

It only takes a couple of clicks and less than 5 seconds of your time, but it could save us in the long run, and here’s how:

  1. Click on the AdBlocker plugin/extention icon that you use on the menu bar of your browser
  2. Click on “Enabled on this site” so that it becode “Disabled on this site”
  3. And that’s it. Though there are a few of AdBlocker plugin with different interface, but the procedure is basically the same. Just click the AdBlocker icon and click on disable for this site menu.

Notes: If you’re doing this you would see some ads on our site, and that ads format consists of pop-ups, banners, and video ads.

It’s Your Choice.

So, as previously mentioned before, no one love ads. And all the choices are yours to make. I am not forcing anyone to disable or whitelist our website on your Ad-Blocker setting. But if you really like us and really want to support us… please put us on your whitelist setting. You won’t believe how much you’ve been helping us by doing so.

But, if you really hate ads and want to keep your Ad-Blocker enabled on our website, sure no problem. You could always support us by using our Paypal donation button in this link: DONATE

All in all, I am sorry for this kind of post. I won’t ask for any help if I don’t really need to, and now I think I really need to…

I really hope you could understand the message of this post. And thank you all for the help and support that you already give to this site all this long. I can’t thank you enough, and probably I never will.

The Comic Guy

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