Hi Everyone,

How are you guys doing? Great I hope.

After our recent issue on March, thank God we still survived and managed to continue this our beloved website. That’s thanks to great people that continuously keep giving us a great support. I can’t say how thankful I am for their help and kindness. And I would love to share some updates since a couple of weeks ago.


From April we are starting a new pace. For weeks I am thinking about a new and secure way to still accept donation via Paypal. Yes, despite our recent isssue, Paypal is still a primary gateway since that’s what most people used (and also asked). I already try to setup a new Paypal donation page. But learning from our past experience, I will not post it publicly on this domain. If you want to support us, with your Paypal donation, kindly contact me using this contact page. For the details on GetComics monthly donation (and other donation method) please visit our Donation Page.


Most of you must be already aware that GetComics now displaying quite a number of ads. I realize  that I can’t depend most of our funding only from donation. I case of something like previous issue, back to happen (though i really, really, really hope it won’t), we must a plan B (or even C) to counter that up. So, I decide to start to put some ads, on this website. But, it isn’t an instant solution. The revenue generated from the ads is depend on click and view from our visitor. I already calculate, to get decent income through ads we need at least 300 – 400 clicks per day from every visitor. So, I really hope if anyone read this, please help us with your clicks.


Apart from our previous issue, this week has been great for us. Consecutive for the last 8 days, we have unique visitor more than 100K on each and every single days. Which is phenomenal for a small “hobby” site like us. This traffic increase is making our file server is overloading and sometimes makes the download quite slow. I am very sorry about that.

As you all know, we are quite small compare to another comic sharing website. On monthly basis, I only able to post around 400-500 comics, while some other website are constantly uploading more than 1000-1500 posts.

I hope I can continue managing this website, and share all the joy to many people in the world. Thank you once again for the help, support and kindness. I really thankful and appreciate for that.

Have a nice day,
The Comic Guy

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