Hey All,

So after multiple times, submitting the review to Google, finally they approve it. So, now that nasty red warning should be gone away and we can start to use this old domain again.

I also would like to apologies for the trouble this past few days/weeks. Really torn up, when you have a mountain pile of work in the office, and then have to dealing with this kind of issues. I also (again) would like to say sorry, if I haven’t make any reply to your email and comments. It just, there’s so many things that I have to do. I will start to make respond to any of those, but it would takes time.

Hope all should be good by the end of this week.

Hey All,

So I received the reply from Google, and they are rejecting my second review request regarding GetComics.info domain. So I thought, this will take longer than expected, even with some possibilities, that the ban would be never lifted. So, about 1 hour ago, I decide to move our domain into a new domain : https://getcomics.org

Please don’t worry, as the url and stuff is still the same. I am trying to make the transition as smooth as I can.

I made this decision, because the future is become uncertain with the old domain. But I haven’t decided yet, if we’ll continue using this domain or will go back into our old domain. The most important thing is, no one will get that red warning again. If you happen to be so, please let me know in the comment section below.

I have a lot of works need to be fixed with this domain and stuff, so if you also have some ideas or suggestion, feel free to let me know.

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