Hi Guys,

So, here we are at the end of 2016. There are a lot of things going on in this year, and I hope you’re all having a great year. So, there are 2 things that I want to share with you, in this news update.

Online Comic Reader

Yep, you heard it right…

So, for the last few weeks, I am using most of my spare time (besides on updating this site) building this cool service (or so..). Actually, this isn’t a new thing that suddenly came to my mind, as I’ve been dreaming building this site for months. I’ve been thinking a lot of it before I decide to put my effort in it. This can be a solution for some issues that GetComics and I can’t address at the moment. Some of that issue is :

  1. Unorganized library
    Despite quite big collection that we have here, our library management is suck. Sometimes, finding the issue that you want is pretty hard, despite you know the issue is here somewhere in the site.
  2. Slow download speed
    Not many people have speedy internet connection, sometimes our server is overload causing the download speed to be somewhat horrible. Sometimes, you just want to view a comic without downloading entire collection.

And that’s only some that I can mention here.

Okay, maybe some of you are curious and have some question to ask to me. Like, am I leaving this website and only manage the new site? Don’t worry, I won’t leave GetComics, as this is part of my life. I am thinking the new site, could help each other with this site. Other than that, you guys, the visitor, could have more choices on how you want to read comics as you liked. It is true, I will spend some of my spare time managing more site, and it will make me works extra hard, but I think I still could manage it. It will be hard, but I will try my best. And if sometimes along the read, I feel I need help, I will ask for help.

Feeling curious about our new website? Please go to this link: Read Comics (I also already add it on the menu bar above 🙂  )

Ah, I almost forget to mention it. Because the nature of the site, for now I only upload currently running issue. Completed issue, or past collection, like DC’s New 52, won’t be uploaded to the site. And please don’t make request for me to do so, because I think it would be redundant as the collection already uploaded on GetComics, plus it will take a great time and effort to do that. Meanwhile, I still have a lot to catch on currently running issues. Hope you can understand this, my friends.

New Server Support

Another news, that I want to share with you is about our server condition. As you might know, our servers is working very hard to serve our needs. Having 100% network usage almost 24/7 is never a good thing, so for a couple of month or so I’ve been trying to find a provider that could help us solve our server issue, but with a reasonable price. Fortunately, my search came with a good result. I’ve acquired a new server to help to split the load of some our servers. The migration is done, about yesterday, so some of you might feel a bit of boost in term of download speed, mainly if you’re downloading our old post.

That’s all the news that I could share with you this time, hope this updates could help you in anything related to GetComics and reading comics in general.

And as usual, if you happen to have more, feel free to give us your support and donation. Click this LINK.
Hope you all having a great time in here, and also in our new website.
Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you guys. Wishing you that 2017 would be a much better year for all of us.

Best regards,
The Comic Guy

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