As you might have known, yesterday GetComics was down for quite a long time. Perhaps it’s the longest downtime, from 10 years GetComics online.

Yesterday, our server crashed in the most terrible time it can be. I was out of town, since last weekend and the internet has been really spotty. However, I am still trying to do regular uploads as much as I can do including 0-Day.

When the site crashed, I was at the end of my 13-hour drive and getting quite a bad flu since Wednesday. Yes, it was that terrible timing.

When I was troubleshooting the problem, the backup restore point that I had also gave another random issue, that needed to be fixed separately. The software that I use also had an update, that makes my old settings need to be tweaked and tested again manually.

But all issue seems to be solved by now and the site should be working normally.

I also noticed that there are a lot of pending comments, emails and chats. I will try my best to sort it all one by one, but it might take some time. So please be patient with me.

All in all, I apologize for the issue. Have a great weekend everyone.

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