For a while I notice that there’s quite a number of people reporting about issue when downloading files using chrome browser. And I also confirming that the issue is true. It seems the issue is, mainly occur when downloading zip files on our older link / server. To be honest I also don’t quite sure the cause of this problem. But I am able to find a couple solution that might works for you.

  • Change Browser

The issue is happening when using Chrome as browser. But it didn’t occur when using another browser such as Firefox, Opera or even Edge (which also based on chromium project). Or if you still want to use chrome as your main browser, follow the following guide.

  • Doing some changes on your chrome browser setting

  1. Go to your chrome setting
  2. Choose “Site Setting”
  3. Scroll down to content section and choose “Additional content settings”
  4. Choose “Insecure Content”
  5. Add this list to the allow section
  6. Done! You could restart your browser and check if the changes is working

Hopefully I could find a better solution in the future, but for now here’s that I could do to help.


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