Notes : This post are talking about our companion site ReadComics (a site to view comics online) that are moving domain from to and not talking about GetComics.

Update April 2nd, 2018 : So, after trying to resolve the issue for the last few days, it seems the old domain is pretty much dead. The issue are within the regulator that manage .website extension and some violation report that’s submitted by a couple of big party.

So, I decide that we have to move into the new domain permanently. Please save or bookmark our new domain :


And yes, you are still able to use your old password and username.

I really apologies for the downtime and stuff. I thought that I could do something about it, but apparently there’s none. And if you encounter any error, please do let me know about it.


I just notice that one of our site ( is down for the last few hours. The server is perfectly online, but it seems the DNS record can’t be found anywhere. It seems the issue are on the domain registry level or something like that.

Temporarily you can access the site using this domain :

You still able to use your usual password and username, and I will give an update when the domain issue is resolved properly.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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