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Justice League 3000 is a comic book series published by DC Comics. Taking place in the future of the DC Universe as part of The New 52, the series features a 31st century iteration of the Justice League, with new versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern. The series is written by JM DeMatteis and Keith Giffen and illustrated by Howard Porter. Justice League 3000 began publication in December 2013.

In the 31st Century, humanity has spread its influence across the stars and in an age where heroes are in dire need, the Justice League (JL) is reincarnated for peacekeeping across space. Project Cadmus, a genetic engineering corporation, had held the genetic material of the greatest past original Justice League heroes for over a millennium and Wonder Twins (Teri and Terry) used those samples to recreate Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Using advanced bio-engineering, the duo enabled the creation and survival of duplicates of the five great legends, but with only fragments of their memories, experiences, heroic mentalities and powers; Justice League 3000 is a new team of unrefined and undisciplined heroes. However, in desperation to contain a growing intergalactic threat, Cadmus presses on with their Justice League 3000 experiment with the objective of restoring interstellar order.

Some of these “gaps” in the team members’ powers and memories have proven interesting. The friendships that existed and possibly drove the previous JL are either different, strained or nonexistent. For example Batman and Superman seem to despise each other. The Flash does not have his “antifriction aura,” and requires an artificial one to prevent incineration. Green Lantern doesn’t have a ring, instead being a living incarnation of the emerald energy, and using a “cloak” that keeps his green aura power in check and prevents it from killing him. Superman has neither heat vision nor flight capabilities, and the team continuously reminds him of these as he forgets often (although he does exhibit flight powers in a few scenes in issue #1 – this might be a mistake on the part of the writers/artists).

It was revealed that the Wonder Twins’ process was created by supporting character Ariel, who fled Cadmus when she saw the effect her research had: The Justice League are not clones, but instead they are human volunteers whose very genetic structure was overridden in a parasitic nature by the treatment, killing them by transforming them into the Justice League of the 31st century.

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